Chris Santos is a DJ, producer and music consultant who has provided 

music for such events as the U.S. Open, author Tom Clancy's wedding 

and New York's Mercedes-Benz fashion week just to name a few.

By working closely with public relation firms and designers, Chris gained 

entry into the world of fashion runway show production. Providing mixes

original scores and pre programmed play lists for fashion shows and

 other fashion related events.

As the music program director for the WIRE IMAGE portrait studio at the 

SUNDANCE Film Festival, Chris worked alongside celebrity photographer 

Jeff Vespa to create a rhythmic textured sound scape 

that would serve as the back drop for the two week long film festival.

In 2007 Chris had the distinct honor of providing the music for

 the grand opening of the Desmond Tu Tu Center in New York City.

The event included an honorary reception, an international 

couture and luxury fashion show as well as live performances. 

In addition to providing the music at high profiled events, Chris continues 

to program and design music for hotels, restaurants and 

retail outlets throughout New York, Los Angeles, Miami and abroad. 

Working with BPC, Chris has produced exclusive mixes and playlists for 

the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and Detroit.

Clients with discerning taste seek to obtain Chris' services for his unique 

ability to convey their vision. Through music Chris has been able to create 

innovative marketing solutions to help clients further their brands outreach, 

establish a sonic identity and understand that music embodies a lifestyle.